Coaching Clinic

Online Host ***Welcome to the Michigan Coaching Clinic Chat Room***

Welcome to the Coaching Clinic, everyone!
/plays the “Final Countdown” on portable ipod speakers
//releases doves from suitcoat

gerggergle_rock: We’re here today to learn about the coaching aspect of football from real live football coaches, like us football coaches.

medium_snakeoilWizardofRod: That’s right. We thank you all for coming.
/hits play on Final Countdown
//tosses pennies into the crowd from sleeves

medium_snakeoilWizardofRod: And I’d like to thank my special assistant Rita, who will be CUT IN HALF live before your eyes tonight at the reception!

ritaCheeRita: lol thx babe

gerggergle_rock: So, do we have any questions?

gsimmsgsimmons85: yes – i would liket o know what type of zone coverage you employ most frequently and how you plan on implementing that with current wolverines?

gerggergle_rock: that’s an excellent, excellent question. I’m really excited to be answering it. I think answering questions is an important part of being a teacher. That’s why I like to answer them. We think that all zone coverages are important. Thanks for asking!

gsimmsgsimmons85: what? you didn’t answer anything?

gerggergle_rock: Yes I did! Next question please!

coachbtcoachBT: coach think that you will do well if you win lots of game here at MICHIGAN. big question from ME is WILL YOU SHOWCASE the BEST players on the TEAM and not just ANY player?

gerggergle_rock: That’s fantastic! We certainly want to showcase our best athletes at all times. We feel the best players are going to give us the best chance to win.

gsimmsgsimmons85: that’s not relally a question

coachbtcoachBT: think it was QUESTION just not SPECIFIC question about FOOTBALL

210px-erocwolverineerocwolverine: coach no need to get upset and start wishing life away just ignore the clinic mafias eroc will SUGARCOAT you later

gsimmsgsimmons85: are you even a coahc?

210px-erocwolverineerocwolverine: I am a form of coach

gsimmsgsimmons85: how so?

coachbtcoachBT: eroc not NEED to ANSWER you because he BUY TICKET for coaching clinic. has right to be HERE asking QUESTION of new defensive coach.

medium_snakeoilWizardofRod: Audience calm down
/plays Final Countdown
//reveals wonderous array of scarfs from pant legs

210px-erocwolverineerocwolverine: coach we want straight shooter answer. does team have heart this year?

gerggergle_rock: I think we’ve got a lot of heart and fight. That should be all we need to become a great defense.

210px-erocwolverineerocwolverine: follow up coach. think that you will succeed but need prove it on field. if no succeed then cannot support.

gerggergle_rock: I’m not sure what your question is?

gsimmsgsimmons85: can we talk about football?

coachbtcoachBT: KNOW everything need to LEARN about football for LIFE not sure why YOU HERE if not ALREADY football scholar

gsimmsgsimmons85: i still dont understand why you are here

coachbtcoachBT: is called REPORTING not just COMMENTING. i REPORT important news and then give EPINION not just give epinion

NUP_104422_1117MaizeMan: excuse me gentlemen are you done with these protein bar wrappers?

210px-erocwolverineerocwolverine: yes

NUP_104422_1117MaizeMan: ok
/takes wrappers to trash

NUP_104422_1117MaizeMan: these things are awful. so messy.

coachbtcoachBT: more question coach. do you plan on only HEAD ripping in defense or WHOLE BODY ripping?

gerggergle_rock: Excuse me, I’m just confused why you are shouting random words at me?

210px-erocwolverineerocwolverine: no need to attack personal coach. coachbt suffer head injury fighting in VIETNAM FOR YOUR RIGHT TO COACH FOOTBALL

gsimmsgsimmons85: this is ridiuclous

coachbtcoachBT: you want a PIECE of coachBT or WHOLE THING tough guy

gsimmsgsimmons85: seriously i’ll kill you

medium_snakeoilWizardofRod: Audience, calm down!
/plays Final Countdown
//reveals quarter from his own ear

coachbtcoachBT: THEN you WILL have it
/removes pants

gsimmsgsimmons85: i dont understand

210px-erocwolverineerocwolverine: you said want WHOLE THING
/removes pants

gsimmsgsimmons85: i’m leaving

coachbtcoachBT: knew you just a BOY not a MAN like us
/kisses erocwolverine

gerggergle_rock: So, um, do we have any other questions today?

irsIrwinRShafer: Yes, I do. Do you feel that is important for the head coach to respect the autonomy and intelligence of his defensive coordinator? I feel that is vital to any successful relationship.

OnlineHost ***IrwinRShafer has been banned***

medium_snakeoilWizardofRod: That’s going to do it for us tonight, folks! Remember to tip your waiter at the reception and enjoy the delicious Chicken Kiev!