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Take every spontaneous leap of joy you’ve had this year. Remember your desperate pleas to the your God or Gods during the Notre Dame game. Consider your even more desperate pleas during the IU game. Recall the pure, cleansing, uplifting release of 00:00 on the clock against the Irish. Try to feel the reassurance of the Western game. Breathe deeply, bask in the happiness of 4-0.

Now imagine the exact opposite of all those things, all happening at once, and I think we can feel something disheartening, but probably only a fraction of what Tate Forcier and friends felt Saturday.


I waved hello to the crowd
as I busted ass on the front of the stage


It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. A phrase that’s always indicative of a grand old jolly time.

At some point Saturday a relatively neutral observer took stock of the hyperventilating M fans in the room and the increasingly agitated Spartan fans. Michigan was driving, coming back. The neutral party mused that we all needed to relax – this was fun.

I’m not sure if fun is the way to describe Saturday. And that isn’t exactly healthy behavior.

Michigan could have lost by 30. The game could have been a primetime affair on ABC. We could have watched our boys be roundly humiliated.

Instead, it was only a partial depantsing. Michigan came out, looked around, and fell on their ass. This was not entirely surprising. It was the first road game, and it was Spartan Stadium.


they’re watching me, watching me fall


Everything that happens in a rivalry game is going to be magnified. If you fumble at a critical time or fail on a 4th down in your red zone, that’s going to stick with people. You have to do something unusually remarkable to wipe that out of the collective memory. That’s a challenge. It takes a special player or team to do that.

So to come out and be abused like Michigan was in the first half was a direct test. Their response should tell us plenty about what we need to know going forward. They have balls.

I don’t believe in moral victories. We didn’t win Saturday. For another year Michigan State is better. That’s a bitter reality we need to accept. The players will.

There’s probably at least one post floating around the internet that is OFFICIALLY CONCERNED about whether or not Rich Rodriguez “understands” the rivalry with Michigan State. The best way to understand a rivalry is to lose it. Rich Rodriguez is not inbred. He understands that losing a football game is bad. He also understands that losing a football game to a rival is not good. Losing to MSU is not part of his 5 Year Plan. Trust me.


Maybe it was the rush of adrenaline

Maybe it was the sheer embarrassment


After being in various ways humiliated on Saturday, Michigan decided they were going to respond. It’s not a shocker that Brandon Graham and his thunderous stop on the goal line kicked off the Wolverines. The reason that talented senior comes big in a big game is such a cliché is because it happens so often. Graham can be controlled because of our general defensive situation, but he will never be fully stopped. A TE? On Graham? Reaching? No sir. That is fail. They dared Brandon to make that play. He did.

At times you could almost convince yourself you were watching the 2008 Wolverines on offense. I may have been drinking, but I also know that I saw two running backs in a head-on collision during a zone read. Unless Rich Rod is unveiling the starburst backfield I doubt that was planned. Zoltan faked a punt. In a very not good place to fake a punt. Let’s be honest – it was ugly for quite a while. That happens with youth.

With their pride and the game in the balance, the offense stepped up. Stonum atoned. The gears turned a bit. It looked like the New Michigan was back from a few quarter vacation.


that kept me conscious and standing as I
crawled back on the stage

But yes, there was an interception and Michigan lost. The magic could not last and that god awful trophy will remain in East Lansing for another year while we endure another year of seething at that prick Dantonio. Try to tell yourself this isn’t a rivalry, elitist Michigan fan. You know you don’t believe that in your heart after watching them celebrate again. It’s just been 40 years – literally never for many of the generation reading this – since we’ve really felt our own blood at the hands of Sparty. We all know we’ll lose once in a while. Twice … this is new. Exciting in a sadomasochistic way. 

You know you are excited for next year. You know Tate Forcier doesn’t seem like the type who would enjoy losing a rivalry game. You know that Stonum is starting to flash signs of brilliance. You know that the defense isn’t as bad as we think it is. You know, you have to, that we are on the right track. Saturday was a setback, but Michigan showed they at least won’t give up the Revolution easily. There’s a team being forged by this season. Every triumph and failure is creating something. You’ll want to be around for the finished product.


You wanna see what’s in my head?

You wanna see what’s in my head?

I got pictures of what’s in my head

I got pictures of what’s in my head