The Truth about the Pocket QB

Concussion? Whatever gave you that idea? As with all offenses dependent on a pocket QB, Notre Dame's offense is only as strong as their starter's right eye and his inevitable back-up.

I like Notre Dame. I really do.1 I’ve always liked Brian Kelly and think he can do very good things in South Bend.2 Dayne Crist? Good looking kid. Looks like a great QB in the making. Here’s the rub sports fans, Crist is a pocket QB. He stands there like a statue waiting to be planted by guys with bad intentions who also outweigh him. Crist can’t even look for the guys who are coming, who know where he’ll be on every play (in the pocket, duh), because he’s got to be looking downfield.

Here’s the TROOF fellas—as good as Crist is, he is going to get injured when he plays Big Ten caliber defenses3 because he is a pocket QB who just stands there—unable to protect himself. As has been amply demonstrated, Notre Dame’s offense hinges on Dayne Crist. Without him, Notre Dame gives up waking up the echoes and instead inserts them into their lineup.4
In these days of QB head hunting, you’ve got to get your QB moving. Let him protect himself by keeping the defense on their toes about where he is going to go. Every QB doesn’t have to run 28.5 times a game like our Denard (because there has never been another human, let alone a QB like our Denard) but he’s got to move around or else he’s just a sitting duck.

I can hear you. You want evidence. You’re saying imafreak you’re a dumass. While that is probably true, it has no bearing on my hypothesis.

EVIDENCE: Count the number of snaps Denard missed against ND. Now count the snaps that Crist missed. Here’s an unofficial tally. Snaps Denard missed = 15 (that one was probably just so RichRod, who really does need to be fired, could lord his mastery over Tate for all to see.) Snaps Crist missed = most of a half.



1 I don’t.
2 I lied again. I don’t dislike Kelly as much as I disliked Charlie Weis, but will be perfectly happy to watch him fail.
3 This does not include Purdue because I said Big Ten caliber defenses and not just Big Ten defenses.

4 This is a reference to [something, something first name] Montana.
 5 Phrasing your point in pseudo mathematical terms makes it look more academic.

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  1. My mother used to say that if you tell lies, dragonflies (which she referred to “darning needles”) will come and sew your mouth shut. Watch out for bugs, imafreak.

  2. Did you glue a three-dimensional red injury /cyorg implant / bullseye target thingy on a poster of Mr. Crist? If so, I salute you, sir.

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