Four More Shows to Enjoy

It would be nice if he could do this at a bowl presser too

It was the fourth touchdown in the first half that broke me. The Michigan defense had just let a very bad offense score 28 points on only five possessions in the first half. Michigan’s offense sputtered a few times and failed to keep pace. The score was 28-10, and I just went numb. This wasn’t going to end well.

So for a lot of the second half my mind multitasked. One part focused on watching and reacting to the game, while inside I mused on the likelihood of Brandon keeping RichRod on, the likelihood of Brandon hiring someone that can remain spread-oriented, and the likelihood that this defense will actually be good in the next 2-3 years.

I wasn’t optimistic about any of it, and that made me sad. But why? Why should it bother me if Michigan’s football program goes through another transition? Plenty of programs deal with this, sometimes more than once in a decade. Why should it bother me if the defense looks iffy for the foreseeable future? It doesn’t take but a few players here and there to turn a D around, and Michigan will always be capable of recruiting talented players. The future is still pretty bright for Michigan football, so WTF?

Because I really like rooting for these kids, and I really want to see them rewarded for their hard work. I’m sad because they’re probably going to go through another offseason, another spring practice, and another preseason while having to deal with those goddamned hot seat questions. They’re going to continue to wonder if their coach is going to be there for their senior year. They’re going to bear the burden of blaming themselves and each other for putting the team in this position.

I hate that they have to go through that, because I like them. I like Denard’s dreads, Stonum’s fashion, Lewan’s mustache tattoo, Dorrestein’s RichRod impressions, James Rogers’s grittiness, etc. There are unique and lovable characters all over the roster. And as a fan, I like watching them play, especially on offense. It’s a hell of a show, and one that is still too rare in college football and nonexistent in pro football. For the rest of the season, that’s where my head’s at. I like these guys, I like watching them play, and I’m going to treasure these last four games.

I don’t want to talk about what the results of those games will mean, I don’t want to talk about what Brandon may or may not do, I don’t want to talk about who might best come in and improve the team’s situation quickly. You are free to talk about all of those things if you want. Personally, I’m going to do my best to stay out of it. Because all I want is to see just one more QB iso, just one more zone read, just one more bubble screen, just one more one man play action Touchdown Play.

I’ll get my wish, but only for four more weekends. I will enjoy every moment.

4 thoughts on “Four More Shows to Enjoy

  1. This is prolly one of the best things I’ve read on the blogosphere. I wish more people would take up this stand. These are all goodt kids who love playing for MICH, so what if they lose. It’s only a game.

  2. I couldn’t agree more about wanting to see these players rewarded for all of their hard work and after all of the bullshit they’ve had to go through. Watching Denard go down the sideline pumping the team up after he scored to make it 38-31, it just made me wonder if all these people screaming their heads off about the coaches actually realize that the level of frustration, not to mention resolve, is exponentially higher among the players and coaches than all of us combined.

  3. These guys are great men. I loved the article that talked about who you liked and why. It must be awful hard to have that determination to fight back in the Penn State game and also make it respectable. But… I hate these players will probably not make it to a bowl, will most likely have 4-5 Big Ten wins in 3 years (3 coming from the state of Indiana [the 3rd if they can beat Purdue, and another offseason of hearing the head coach blame everybody except himself. It is disgraceful to watch Rich Rod blame LCarr for Rich Rod’s problems, another year of ‘excuses’ as to why we can’t field a decent ALL around team, hearing Rich Rod say things like “the last 3-4 February’s killed us” (talking about signing day) I mean what does that tell the men on your program? They should have never come to Michigan? I’ll say the offense is entertaining and I’m damn proud they haven’t given up to what is another hopeless season but somethings gotta give. I’m do NOT want Rich Rod fired because I believe that’ll be worse for the team and the future because then it’ll be new coaching, new staff, new program….ect, ect but serving has to change. Listening to Rod is like a broken record- won’t be fixed overnight blah blah need time – How can Dan Mullen go to Mississippi State and win 5 games his first season? How can Florida go 7-5 3 years with the Zoom (or whatever their exact records were) and win a national championship the second season of a brand new coach? The worst thing about the Rich Rod regime is not the defeats so much as the lack of improvement – any well coached team should be improving as the year goes on and we don’t see that. Sure the offense is spectacular at times but somehow someday the ‘defense’ Getz worse. They are getting experience there should be SOME improvements there – how many times is a pass to the flats going to go for 15 yards + on a third down?!?! Idk probably as long as you give a 10 yard cushion… I mean with that kind of cushion the other 10 guys on offense have time to get in front of the ball carrier. Our kids are tough the linebackers smash into offensive lineman – problem is they may hit the hell out of the lineman but they take themselves out of the play… How much longer can we listen to the samething? An ellectric offense is great… If u have a defense that can make some stops. And how long will we make excuses for FUNDAMENTALS? First year fumbling, second turnovers and tackling, third year tackling again… It makes me sick

  4. WinForMich, if your point is that the status quo is unsustainable, well, point taken. My response is to essentially not respond, at least not until after the season’s over. We don’t have any control over this, we don’t know for certain how this season’s going to turn out, and in the meantime the offense is still loads of fun to watch. The circus is about to leave town- enjoy the last few shows while you can.

    Watch and enjoy the offense, and make watching the defense optional. I think that’s the best advice I can give to fellow fans.

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