Let’s Bring This E-Blog Up To Speed, Shall We?

I’m not sure what’s gone wrong with the internets lately.  People just don’t want to post anymore.  Historical things are happening in this country while MICH is making headlines in all the right ways, but no one has a word to share about it.  At least not in E-POST form.  Why come?  I at least have a reason not to post on the reg. My post are generally lacking facts or proper engrish, I don’t deny dat shiat.  But if nobody on the WLA makes a post, then it’s up to CHIPS to keep “everything is terrible” in full stride. I figured I would do a quick re-cap of what’s been going on since D-MO decided to go pro and achieve dream.

RIP: Robert Tractor Traylor, big dude with a big heart.  Also lots of family members.  Sad way to go.

Congrats: Lloyd Jonathan Carr.  Made it to the College Football Hall of fame.  I somewhat regret cheering on his impeccable “way to lose” after seeing a team just straight up lose in legitimate fashion.   Still don’t understand punting at the 35.  Why come no points, Lloyd?

Detroit Red Wing$: After going down 0-3 to the Shark$, the Wing$ made a valiant effort by forcing a game seven in one of the most highly watched “non-finals” series in NHL history.  Just before they dropped the puck in game four, most everyone wanted to do is FIRE BABCOCK, BENCH HOWARD and START OSGOOD.  Good thing they didn’t.  Fun fact, both teams scored the same amount of goals in 7 games.  Go ahead, double check it.  It was fun to watch and it seemed to revitalize the whole “Hockey Town” vibe that Metro Detroit and Windsor have.  Probably also sold a good amount of Hot & Ready’s too.  FIRE ILLICH.

Detroit Tigers: In the spirit of FIRIING EVERYONE, the same goes for Leyland & DUMBrowski.  2 weeks ago, they were all FIRED.  Let’s not forget about SENDING DOWN A-JAX.  Now, after winning 9 out of 10 and seeing Justin Verlander throw his 2nd no-hitter, the ‘Ger$ are looking to win their division.  Although, if they lose to the Red Sox again tonight, FIRE UP THOSE PINK SLIPS.

Lions: They drafted a receiver.  HALOL.  But I am looking forward to this season.  If it happens.  Book the Lions +4 over Tampa.

Pistons: Rumors have them setting up an interview with Jimmer Ferdette.  HALOL.

MICH: I hear woman’s softball is doing rather well.  Dave Brandon is tweeting up a storm about selling tickets at a 30% increase.  The Basketball squadron continues to have some hype around future recruits.  Glenn Robinson III is moving up the rankings and will hopefully help Beilein’s “ceiling” move up.

MICH FOOTBALL: Brady Hoke is punching other schools in the mouth in recruiting and it’s gotten M$U fans all sorts of butthurt.  It’s been rather insane how fast he is picking up 2012 recruits in the state of MICH.  Seven total so far with the addition today of Terry Richardson. All of those Seven have been offered by Michigan State, which is clearly leaving Mark Dantonio upset.  At least that’s what his twitter account shows.  Even the god of Spartan Slappys, Mike Valenti can’t help but make excuses about his coaches recruiting, or lack there of.  Good times.  Now this past winter isn’t feeling so badt, is it?  Well.  Maybe it still is for one fella.

Did I miss anything?  Probably.  At least we got a fresh post.


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