Fair Enough: $party 64, MICH 54

Izzo thrusting his hips towards Michigan players, in a violent rage, to celebrate his teams big rivalry win on Super Bowl Sunday.

So there you have it.  You won.  Izzone members can once again paint their chests with a number indicating the last time Michigan beat their basketball team, or any team for that matter.  All is right in East Lansing.  Tom Izzo no longer has to blame his players for having tiny lungs, or being lazy asses.  Dray Mound Green lived up to his guarantee of a Sparty victory (which was similar to a “GuaranSHEED” The Pistons Rasheed Wallace would announce, but not as cool) and Mark Hollis can get back to scheduling a hockey game on a polar ice cap.  It’s back to business as usual for MSU, for the most part…

Izzo thinking: "Why can't we destroy Michigan like we used too!!!!????"

It’s now become a big deal for MSU to beat Michigan in basketball, and that’s just fine with me.  It means Michigan is good again, but as much as they don’t want to admit it, their body language and play proves otherwise.  MSU came out playing a Narduzzi style defense, though they didn’t punch anyone in the throat, they sure caused Michigan some serious problems throughout the game.  Lots of chippy plays and even a early goal tending block (that wasn’t called) against Novak gave all Michigan fans that oh so familiar feeling of “Well, this isn’t going to go our way at all”, during. the. entire. game.

Izzo angry about something. Probably Zack Novak.

Poor shooting, turnovers and just awful execution led MICH to what should have been more than a 10 point loss, and MSU had a lot to do with the outcome.   Michigan was rattled from the start.  MSU loved every second of it.  Their one guy, who is always on the bench.  You know, bald, with a goatee.  He never plays, but he was acting as if he scored every single point.  Their team and fans, were FIRED UP (CHIPS) and there was no shutting them up.

Izzo doing his best James Brown

So, with the help of some home cooking, extraordinary defense and and a terrible performance by Michigan, MSU cut off MICH’s winning streak against them, their bitter in-state rival.  Actually, does MSU have another rival?  Food for thought…

Izzo complaining that his players don't ever foul and only get fouled cause he is the best coach ever.

Let’s take a closer look at how MSU “dominated” Michigan this Sunday.

FG % 0.396 0.522
3P % 0.318 0.2
FT made/Attempted 9 for 12 14 for 20
Turnovers 10 15

What does it mean?  Mostly that MICH was pretty terrible and MSU was really good.  MSU recovered 12 of their 22 misses as well, which didn’t help MICH in their quest to win 4 in a row.

Here is Izzo not looking forward to a neutral court rematch against MICH and a functioning THJ (HAM)

Here’s to hoping we can see a rematch in the B1G tourney because this rivalry is becoming a hell of a lot of fun again.

2 thoughts on “Fair Enough: $party 64, MICH 54

  1. you guys are the biggest bunch of arrogant faggots ever. your just pissed u don’t have a coach like Izzo. granted Beilein is a very good coach but Izzo is better. That’s just the truth and you Walmart wolverines are too ignorant to realize it. How was playing the Ohio bobcats tonight? went real well didn’t it? you are the epitome of scUM and your knowledge of basketball is embarrassing. I have respect for your team but not retards like you. Its pathetic quite honestly, how you can dedicate a U of M website to just belittling Michigan state. That is pure ignorance. It almost seems like your intimidated by the Spartans. Maybe because we’ve beat your ass in just about everything now. I’ve heard your rowing team is pretty good you should post pictures of that instead of the two biggest butt huggers in the world, Novak and Douglass(nice glasses, you guys are soooo indie). Quite living in the past with your football team and GET A FUCKING LIFE.

  2. Just noticed these excellent comments above. Anonymous must have been waiting by his computer to post while MICH was playing Ohio. “GET A F’ING LIFE!”


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