Everything is Terrible?

The Tigers are down 0-2 in the World Series.  Fielder is trying (and failing), Fister is getting beamed in the head and still throwing a 2 hit shutout with no run support (big surprise), Verlander is thinking about T.G.I.F. Fridays, Delmon Young is trying to throw baseballs all the way to the core of the earth instead of to home plate and our best hitter is the guy who can manage to not strike out, aka no one..  On the other hand, the SF Giants continue to trot out amazingly terrible pitchers who pitch NO NO’s and hit RBI’s while their hitters wouldn’t dare let a ball or strike not be fouled off or hit into some kind of magical location causing our defense to either stare at it with confusion or watch it bounce of a base or someones head and lead to a run or two.

Series is coming back to Detroit, where the Tigers are dominating during the post season.  Sanchez, Scherzer, Verlander.  Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  Fister would start Wednesday if the Tigers win two or three of those.  No need to panic, but we can all agree that currently, everything HAS BEEN terrible.


2 thoughts on “Everything is Terrible?

  1. Win two or three of those, Tigers! I wanna see my guy Douglas “Doug” “Dougie Fresh” Jonathan “J.” Wildes “The Fist” Fister pitch again.

    We’re all behind our baseball team! Go get’em Tigers!

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