QUESTION: Basket-ball?

Do we have bigger shorts?

MICH basketball is upon us and I’m tired of looking at that ‘BARRASSING Tigers photo, so let’s talk some HOOPS!

I went to the WLA faithful fans to get some questions in regards to this years basketball squadron, schedule and opponents.  Here are a few of thousands we received.

QUESTION: “I see that the season Opener is vs. Slippery Rock, who is Slippery Rock and do they have a basketball team?”

ANSWER: Slippery Rock is a public University in Slippery Rock, PA.  Yes, they have both Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams.  Enrollment is about 8,000.  Most notable alumni is Chuck Aber, Mr. Rogers Neighbor, named “Neighbor Aber.”  I have no idea if they are good at Basketball or sports in general, my computer at work won’t allow access to sports websites (funny how I can come here, eh? eh.)
QUESTION: “Has the Crisler Arena renovation raised the Beilein “ceiling”?”

ANSWER: I have gone through the blueprints, engineering reports and costs related to the renovations and have indeed found that the Beilein ceiling has been raised 12 feet.  Which is pretty nice.  Makes the room feel bigger.

QUESTION: “Does any one team in the B1G pose a major threat to Michigan this year?  Who is dangerous?”

ANSWER: Excellent question, yes.  MSU does, but not for the reasons you think… 


ANSWER: That is a tournament.  Michigan and many other teams play in them every season early in the schedule.  It’s not the NIT of March.  So relax.

QUESTION: “Which Freshman will produce the most this year and why?”

ANSWER: Based on what we saw against Northern MICH and Saginaw Valley State, I would assume Glenn Robinson III to be the most effective.  He has scored very easily in short time and he can fill in at multiple positions on the floor (2,3,4).  He and Timmy up there with the big shorts will likely get rest from Nik Stauskas and VoGRIT.  MICH McGary will probably be 2nd in production for the freshman.  He has been great off the glass so far but Morgans experience may outweigh that when it comes to tougher opponents.  Spike Albrecht is a rad mo-fo who will give Burke some rest.  Look for him to be a pain in the ass for the opponents.  Kid can shoot.

QUESTION: “Where can I watch the first game?”

ANSWER:  #dealwithit

QUESTION: “I see we play Purdue twice this year, who will guard Robbie Hummel?”

ANSWER: I assume Tim Hardaway or GRIII will be on him.

Thanks for your questions and GO BLUE!