Washtenaw County: Divided

That time of year is back again.  The battle for Washtenaw County is upon us.  It’s MICH vs. CAW! week.  MICH may have a slight edge (favored by 25) but CAW! (Eastern) has a massive chip on their shoulder, the spirit of Earl Jonathan Boykins and pungent memories of a dominating win over fellow B1G team (47-44), Purdue.  Sure, CAW! may have just lost by 26 to UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago?), but their minds were focused on defending and destroying MICHIGAN.

Don’t think that MICH has not been focused on this moment at every turn.  They bleed this rivalry with such passion that they have built massive structures purposely visible from the CAW! water tower as a “hey, nice sports complexes, loosers lol.”  MICH point guard Trey Burke has even gone as far as tattooing wings on himself as a reminder that the CAW! Eagles will always be up in his face!

This is it.  Don’t get scared now.

Be sure to tune in for this monumental event.  These are games in which students paint numbers of days since the opponents last victory on their stomach, or print out giant cardboard faces of Dick Vitale.  This is our chance to watch a little pre-march madness.  This will be a bloodbath.  A Pistons-Bulls 1990’s type match up.  Set your DVR’s or your Tebows, you will want your grand-kids to see this one.

May the best Washtenaw County team win!